Coming Soon: Okami in HD

Being a fan of the Okami line of games, I’ve been following news relating to this line of Capcom franchise. Kohaku today reports that Capcom and Sony has confirmed that Okami will be getting a HD re-release on the PS3. The game will be…

Happy 2009

Entering into the year 2009, BBOA wishes everyone a happy new year.

Merry Christmas

At this very special time of the year, BBOA wishes everyone a happy and safe Christmas. Thank you very much for all your continued support.

BBOA Rebuild From Ground Up

You may have noticed that BBOA was offline for about a month. The reason for that is because I was moving to Canada. Unfortunately, the hard drive that BBOA’s data was stored on crashed. I do have backup of pieces of it, but it…

Happy New Year

Another year has come and gone. BBOA wishes everyone a beary happy new year. Eat lots of salmon!

Internet Outage

Last night, an earthquake near Taiwan snapped almost all submarine cables to the Asia Pacific area. You may experience slow loading times while browsing BBOA. Sorry about the inconvience that it may have caused.

Merry Christmas

BBOA wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday.

Brother Bear Online Archive Launched

Brother Bear Online Archive (or BBOA for short) is now officially launched today! The goal of this website is to promote the Disney movie Brother Bear, and to provide an archive of resources related to the movie. In the coming months, more content will…