Brother Bear 2 Plot Known

The report comes from Ultimate Disney:

[T]he direct-to-video sequel Brother Bear 2 is slated to make its splash on DVD summer 2006. The feature’s storyline will center on Kenai (who, you may recall, has been transformed into a brown bear) as he travels the picturesque Pacific Northwest at the end of the Ice Age. During his adventures, he remains haunted by dreams of his previous life. As a human child, he befriended Nita, the daughter of a tribal elder. The pair’s past friendship collides with the present as Kenai and Nita embark on a journey as bear and woman. Rutt and Tuke are also back for this adventure.

Now, that sounds like a pretty good plot, doesn’t it? 🙂

Thanks goes to Epesi for bringing this to my attention.

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