Kenai (Human)

Kenai as a young boy is eager to become a man… He is the youngest of the three brothers and is going to receive the totem in the beginning of the movie. It turns out Kenai gets “the bear of love” as his totem. Kenai as a human doesn’t like bears, by the way.

Kenai (Bear)

Kenai is being tranformed into a bear. Now what? He has to go to “where the lights touch the earth” to regain his human form. Kenai doesn’t like to be a bear in the beginning, but starts to enjoy it as time goes. With the help of Koda he starts to understand what bears see humans as, and to understand the true meaning of brotherhood.


Koda is a bear cub who got seperated from his mom recently. He helped Kenai to get out of the trap and asks Kenai to bring him to the salmon run in return. As the story goes, Kenai and Koda travel to the Salmon Run together. Koda always wanted a brother.


The younger of the two moose brothers. Seems to be a bit smarter than Tuke at times. At times he can be stubborn, but he still loves his brother. Rutt loves Yoga… at least from what I see in the movie…


The older of the moose brothers. Quoting from Broose Johnson, Tuke’s supervising animator, “being in charge and dumb is not a good combination.” Tuke is always in charge, and is the one to make decisions. He loves his brothers as much as his brother loves him.


Tug is one big bear and seems to be the leader of the group. He is about… hm… three times Kenai’s size? Every year he and other bears will gather at the salmon run, eating fish and sharing stories with other bears.


The middle brother. He always teases Kenai, but he still loves Kenai. He sets out to kill the bear he thinks killed Kenai in revenge, but not knowing the bear himself is Kenai. His totem is a wolf, meaning “wisdom.”


The eldest of the three brothers. He has the qualities of a leader, and is always the person Kenai and Denahi looks up to. After he dies in the fight against the bear, he still leads and guides Kenai and Denahi to face their own challenges. His totem is an eagle, meaning “guidance.”


Tanana is the shaman woman of the tribe. She follows the teaching of the spirits and lead the tribe with wisdom. She also guides tranformed Kenai to go to the mountains “where the lights touch the earth” to regain his human form.