Brother Bear 2 DVD Released

Brother Bear 2 DVD is released in the US today! It is available at Visit the product page here. Get your copy now. =)

Brother Bear 2 Trailer 2

I have gotten my paws on the second version of the Brother Bear 2 trailer! This time it was from the Lady and the Tramp DVD that was just released. Enjoy! [pro-player][/pro-player]

Brother Bear 2 Trailer

The latest trailer can be found on the Bambi II DVD. I have gotten a copy and I was able to extract the trailer. [pro-player][/pro-player]

Brother Bear 2 To Hit Store Shelves on August 29, 2006

IMDb has updated their Brother Bear 2 page again. This time, with release date information: Release Date: August 29, 2006 Directed by Ben Gluck Producers Carolyn Bates … Producer Kip Lewis … supervising producer Miscellaneos Crew Keiji Kishi … production coordinator Production Companies DisneyToon Studios…

Brother Bear 2 In Recording Stage

Guys, hope you are all happy about this news. This article at proves the existence of Brother Bear 2: [N]ext week Rutt, Tuke and pals begin recording “Brother Bear 2.” Also, this page at confirms that Brother Bear 2 is being recorded this Summer.